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Bob & Cindy, University of Missouri Coffee House 1972 
Guest appearance daughter Jennifer
Guest appearance brother Randy
Brother Randy, Cindy, Daughter Jennifer & Bob "Everybody wants to get in on the act"!
Family Support - Thanks!
Marley, third generation entertainer.
(L-R) Kevin, Etie, Marla, Joe, Cindy & Bob, Chaumette Vineyard & Winery
(L-R) Susan, Randy, Dean & Lisa on the Patio at Durso Hills Winery & Bistro
Best seat in the house at Chaumette Vineyards & Winery
Karen & Carolyn, Horse & Wine Lovers (in that order)
Mark & Ginger - they are always smiling even without full wine glasses.
(L-R) Karen, Bob & Doris; they remember Bob at the Horse Ccmp bonfires - great stories.
(L-R) Marla, Joe, Bob, Mary & Dean, Durso Hils.  Sunday afternoon lunch.
Bob's wife Cindy joins in on a song - just like old times
Durso Hills Owner Jay with Bob - thanks for putting Bob on !
(L-R) Joe, Cindy, Kay, Ron & Sharon - Friends on the Deck at Chaumette
Inspiration for original song "Hi Ho Dusty"
Practice Room on the Fauser Farm
The Greek Isles 2007
Inspiration for the original song "I Know My Horse Really Loves Me";  even though he almost killed me several times 🙂  
Dean & Lisa at Durso Hills; great friends (Dean is backup guitar and vocals at our Horse Camp bonfires.
"Ozark Manor" assisted living facility owner Kristi with Bob at Holiday performance for the residents.  Kristi says she is saving a bed for Bob 🙂
Sam & Paul,  navy buddies and inspiration for the original song "The Pirate Captain Sam" probably first and only time the  words "Torpedo" and "Libido" were rhymed in a song.
Dean & Bob; also known as two of the "Chicken Wrangles".   Ask Bob to perform this original "mostly true story" of the first Chicken Drive and see if you have what it takes to be a "Chicken Wrangler" 🙂
Having some fun with the family of brother and sister John Mabry and Mary Warren at Durso Hills Winery. 
My Nephew Scotty Bergt sat in with me at Durso Hills.  Scotty is a tremendous percussionist, Guitarist, singer but my favorite is the way he plays the harmonica.
Nephew Scotty wails away on the harmonica (proud uncle)
Always fun when a member of the audience picks up the extra microphone I always bring (having lyrics printed out and a few glasses of wine always helps)
Durso Hills volunteer bar choir
On the deck at Chaumette; thanks to my banker friends for joining me - you sounded great!  Really like the dance moves.
1st Annual Castor River Ranch Open House.  L-R daughter Jennifer Holman, wife Cindy, and Bob
The real star of the event was the Castor River.  Probably the cleanest little stream in Missouri.  Contact Jon & Mary at Castor River Ranch and arrange a kayak float trip from Marquand to the Ranch.  Less than 5 miles, very safe and beautiful.
 L-R Bob and Castor River Ranch owner Jon.   We look a lot like the two old guys on the Muppets 🙂
Durso Hills July 2019.  My pleasure to introduce a new trio during my performance.  L-R daughter Jenny, nephew Scotty and their friend Greg.  The crowed loved them; they were too good to let them sing after me.
Durso Hills, July 2019, thanks to friends and fellow ORR Horse Riders Denise and Jim for spending the afternoon on the patio with me.
Durso Hills July 2019, my wife Cindy joins me for a song we did in college
Durso Hills July 2019, my sister in-law Susan and my brother Randy. 
Durso Hills, July 2019, Nephew Alex and his friend, and very special friend of our family, Taylor
Durso Hills, July 2019, will miss the patio when Jay and Vickie open their new winery, Victoria Vineyards.
The ladies of the Ozark Ridge Riders Saddle Club L-R Karen, wife Cindy, Doris and Barbara